Metro Cold-Stor

Single Serve Units

Do you need something a little less then a refrigerated trailer but a little classier then a hand pump for your event?


-Does not require any power and can be placed wherever you want it.
-They can be picked up & dropped off from our St Paul location to save you money.

How they work:

The keg fits inside this handy design which breaks down into 3 pieces for compact, quick and easy storage/transportation.  It is run off of Co2 and is very easy to use.


A unit can be rented for $100 for a Friday pick up and Monday return, Includes one full 5# tank of Co2. If you are renting M-F it’s a $100 for 48 hour rental.

This rental does not include beer or ice.
A unit requires a $500 pre-authorization deposit.

Contact us at: 612-743-0732